Our Approach

Metro Corporate and Hospitality Services ®, LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, exceeding expectations, providing practical, efficient, high-quality deliverable’s and services, creating and maintaining lasting business relationships. Through a unique combination of hard work & innovation and constant inspiration. MCHS®,LLC is working diligently towards building the best services company Ever!

Our Story

MCHS was officially formed in April of 2018. However the concept began when three guys sat down for lunch as friends in 2015. We knew then we had a idea to create this company. The next three years we worked closer and closer on projects and formed processes to communicate efficiently and provide better response times for our customers. The perfect opportunity came about spring of 2018 and now, four partners strong we knew it was now or never. Thankfully we decided to pull up our boot straps and make it happen. Now our company continue’s to grow and serve our community everyday!

What is A MIND?

  • A MIND first has the thirst for exploration and discovery intertwined in its DNA.
  • A MIND has the ability to be interdisciplinary, although master of his/her passion, still capable to learn quickly and adapt depending on the circumstances
  • A MIND listens and respects the opinions of others and especially other MINDS that are creating or designing something with him or her.
  • A MIND does not just think outside the box, we do not even see a box.
  • A MIND helps the communities that it serves and specially with their skills.
  • A MIND invents and is always a pursuer of knowledge.
  • A MIND understands the Future of work and uses time and resources to his/her convenience with open schedules and the ability to work from anywhere in the world
  • A MIND is and always will be alongside other MINDS to create a center for revolutionary thoughts that could change the world.

Meet the Team

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another MIND than the one where they sprang up. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Lead Design Mind Partner

Sales & Venture support

Lead Design Mind and Architect of ideas at Design Think Tank.  His passion is innovation.  As a Designer, he believes that the process to create and innovate is inside the nature of every human being.

Lead Technical Mind Partner

Sales & Technical Training

Jason is responsible for the continued growth and Operations of Metro Corporate & Hospitality Services. “We are the boots on the ground team that implements the solutions in the field”- Jason said.

Lead Geek Mind Partner

Sales & R&D Lead

Laith has a passion for electronic engineering, software & hardware product development. He provides system administration and technical support to clients.

Be a MIND!

Our team would love to meet you! Call and schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help with your business needs.